Founded in 1951, Jamar is the market leader of home furniture in Colombia and Panama.

Jamar is one of the most prestigious companies in the Latin American region.

Jamar offer quality furniture and accessories for the home with exclusive designs, the best market prices and excellent financing plans and payment options.


After celebrating its 60th anniversary, Jamar underwent a financial and operations planning process to identify ways to expand in multiple countries and maximize its gain.

As part of the companywide effort to implement its findings and launch a brand rollout, Jamar requested a brand mission- vision book to collect its founding history, past ways to success and definition of essential ingredients to strengthen its brand.


Cultéva designed the new Jamar logotype. A thorough exploration process was conducted to evaluate all the options of designs to gain maximum recognition with the new mark.

Cultéva then designed the new visual identity system. The Jamar visual identity manual included a presentation of the corporate structure and its key functions followed by the introduction of the new elements.

Furthermore, the manual was made to include informative overviews for new employees of how to use the manual, where to access ready-to-use files, and presents application samples for essential elements across all categories and multiple business units. Over 100 solutions were designed for the collateral required to furnish in-door retail and stand alone stores, corporate collateral, events and promotional activities.

In additional to the logo and the manual, the first mag-a-log was designed with a flexible pagination organized fit all contents to be developed for future editions.

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