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Same philosophy on five continents.

Culteva was born out of Manhattan New York. The heartpumping magnetic mega-metropolis shaped the founding philosophy of the brand consultancy. Two decades of working for clients from US, Norway, Sweden, UK, Germany, Australia, Panama, Colombia, Hong Kong and China has formed a worldly commercial perspective and cross-cultural experiences that is used as a a platform when starting each new project.


Complex made simple.

Rational, systematic, analytical
and then creative.

“CULTÉVA is a business-driven brand consultancy. We take on large complex projects to improve brands, enhance internal brand culture and positively impact brand image and market appeal.”

“The value of working with CULTÉVA is our unique approach to develop projects. We believe in a rational, systematic and analytical approach before being creative. It is just common sense to deep-dive into the matter in order to obtain vital knowledge and discover new and unused business insight before starting to bend rules, challenge conventions and think out of the box to accelerate interest and induce demand for a brand.”

“To be familiar with neuances to a problem it is vital to make informed descisions and allow room for calculated risks. On the basis of knowledge, we encourrage clients to consider unconventional and disruptive ideas and trust their gut to achieve lasting, iconic change that makes a difference. Research can only provide some answers to a new project.”

“CULTÉVA will never be a specialist in any industry. We will never know more about a company than the business owners and their decision makers. CULTÉVA works with one goal in mind, and that is to identify the essential qualities a company already have and how to utilize it in the most valuable way.”

“The value of working with CULTÉVA is the unique approach we take in asking questions that you may not have answered yet. And, with this inside knowledge how we work through a fine-tuned development process to produce a strategic framework and creative platform to present business-driven strategic and creative solutions adventageous to the brand.”

“CULTÉVA believes brand and branding is a key part of good business. Brand has the potential to be the driving force to obtain recognition, awareness, increase customer appeal and induce progressive sustainable bottom-line growth.”

Philosophy on how to provide valuable brand consulting services:

In pursuit of lasting
success for others.

“Clients come to Culteva when they have a problem. Most clients have already invested in solutions that did not meet their expectation. Generally speaking, 99% of our clients want to improve their business, grow their market-share and positively impact their bottom line.”

“We are a brand consultancy that provide hassle-free strategic design solutions to meet lofty business goals and have a long term effect.”

Philosophy on how to enable lasting impact:

New trajectory for
brand and business.

“Significant change. Long term effect. Disrupt the market. An evolution, not a revolution. New excitement, new meaning, new image. Revitalize our business. Change the trajectory of our business. –This is a collection of what our clients say they are looking for.”

“Together we do a deep-dive into our clients businesses to gain inside knowledge that can generate new strategic solutions that is iconic and disruptive to increase brand appeal, induce growth and positively impact internal culture and set a new trajectory for brand and business.”

Meet Mariana Núñez Haugland

Philosophy on how to provide valuable brand consulting services:

Associative thinking
as a tool.

“I believe the ability to form associations between seemingly unrelated ideas have high value for brands to create unexpected and disruptive qualities. In the beginning, as independent thoughts, they may not have meaning, but when brought together a new joint objective may arise.”

“Associative thinking is underestimated as a productive tool in conceptual development for brands and businesses.”

Philosophy on how to enable lasting impact:

Common sense
as a criteria

“All projects start out with the potential to become amazing opportunities. It is what you are contributing and investing in the process and resources that can ignite pure magic for brands and its businesses. And, when it comes time to be decisive, at some point, common sense comes into play.”

“Common sense cannot be replaced and can sometimes be forgotten as a golden criteria for sound decision making.”

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