A new outdoor mall was planned to be built along a high volume thruway between outdated staple retailers, and several old and new residential mixed income housing projects. The outdoor mall was the last large property in this area, and aimed to have 32 tenants, 279 parking spots and an open space to serve the restaurants.


The new outdoor mall needed a design with mass-appeal and a striking architectural building mass to attract the interest of existing neighbors, be relevant to new residential projects in the immediate surroundings and the passing traffic. This outdoor mall was an unknown mall concept. It was being built next to a line-up of established retailers, chains, offices and new residential projects.


Cultéva designed VEN as an outdoor mall with hints of modern spanish colonial and classic mediterranean tropical aesthetics.

VEN presents itself as a striking focal point in the area with a uniform design across all facades mixed together with grand monolith signs, landscaping, greeenery, a collection of outdoor furniture, planters, custom lighting, and standards and guidelines for tenant signs.

The facade design directs foot traffic fluently through a corridor of retailers that connects to the wide, open and lush food court. Two main entrances creates natural circulation for vehicles that effectively moves the volume of visitors in and out of ten parking corridors.

From afar, VEN is a high visibility, well-lit building mass. Up-close, VEN has a tropical outdoor atmosphere with tall hallways, bold inset wide-framed retail spaces, and good customer mobility. An orchestrated use of tonal colors, soft textures, natural materials, grand proportions and voluminous spaces generate a welcoming and open mall aiming to attract an increasing number of return customers.

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