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Culteva is a brand consultancy. What works for you, works for us.
We work with scale-ups, start-ups and enterprise to
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Bringing new life
and excitement to brands.

Brand is what customers say about you. The ways to make brands perform and deliver on lofty business goals requires the customers to be interested, be awestruck or simply fall in love with what your brand represents.

Culteva looks at the big picture to find the essential ingredients that brings out the magnetic appeal and makes your brand relevant. We focus on the purpose behind your brand to make, say and do things that mean more and formulate concepts to make your brand memorable and iconic.

“You can turn a company around
in one quarter if you are committed.”


Branding made to
maximize your business.

To maximize your business we uncover new knowledge. Culteva makes a deep dive into our clients’ brand and business. Our approach is to ask questions, listen, distill answers, evaluate nuances, and develop new business-centric narratives. Knowledge is key to maximize success for our clients.

Culteva works with decision makers to decipher tough problems to every-day challenges to align their brand and business. Our approach is knowing what they know and identifying essential solutions that will allow new investments to become targeted efforts that focus on providing a measurable ROI.

“Distilling the DNA of your brand will offer insight that can enable you to tap into new business potential”


Problems can be complex,
solutions should not.

Clients come to us when they face tough problems. Culteva turn problems into opportunities with our unique point of view and provide ideas that help clients discover new solutions. We have a long history of venturing into unexplored territory, discovering opportunities that others may have overlooked, and charting a new course for change.

Change that have a significant impact requires an idea that is right for the client’s brand and business. Together with our clients Culteva explores business-centric solutions to find the most fitting ideas. With an open mind and an analytical eye, in collaboration with our clients we uncover valuable insights. This solution-generating process allows us to convert client-centric ideas into clear actions.

“A simple idea should be easily understood and offer the shortest way to effective results.”

Before and after.

Side-by-side presentations of a select few solutions.
Approaches to discuss, evaluate and validate your next new project.

Before and after.

Side-by-side presentations of a select few solutions.
Approaches to discuss, evaluate and validate your next new project.

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