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“The new logo and visual identity manual designed by Cultéva was implemented fast, and the new brand has given us increased recognition, and the standards and guideline tools has simplified the management of our brand in marketing and the rollout of new stores in Colombia and Panama.”
-Benny Naimark, GM, Jamar Panamá
“Cultéva was a game changer for us. During our time together, we learned more about our business and about our position in the market. We felt like someone put new glasses on our eyes. In retrospect, we can divide our company history in two parts, before we met Hein and started to work with Cultéva and after. Today, not only is our message clear, but our logo now works for the app and other media and our image is clean. Everything changed in our brand DNA thanks to Culteva.”
-Ilan Shatz, Founder and CEO, Merkadoo
“Culteva created not just a brand, but a direction for us to grow into. Hein started by gaining an understanding of what it is we set out to do, then in the process of setting the tone and visual identity for the brand, he improved on the concept by clarifying it. In the startup phase, focus is invaluable and in working with Culteva we managed to lay a solid foundation for strategic growth.”
-Rik van Donk, Co-Founder & CEO, Mocha Salt
“Cultéva helped to modernize Collins and ignite new interest for the brand from existing as well as new customers groups. The creative process was a valuable exercise that revealed a range of opportunities for logos fitting the new company-wide investment.”
-David Elkaslassy, Founder/CEO, Collins
“Since the beginning I noticed a very positive energy from Cultéva. They have the capability to propose the proper questions to get the information that is needed to start doing the work. Every time I talk to journalists I feel proud about our brand and its new image. ”
-Daniel Fernández, Executive Director, Liga PdF
“Cultéva developed a retail space design that act as a standard platform for all our future Cable Onda branch locations and its service and product merchandising, point-of-purchase displays and customer service experience. We have used Cultéva repeatedly to generate solutions that fit our needs and are very satisfied with our collaborations. In the period after implementing our newest retail concept we have seen an increase of the customer retention rate and […].”
-Manuel Garcia, Marketing Director, Cable Onda
“The real challenge was, could a retail design help to re-establish the identity and prestige of the performance brand of Adidas? […] and could it be replicated throughout the world? Hein Haugland was the designer who could do this, and he did. He realized the concept not only form the space and the environment but in almost every detail, from fixtures to video content. The store as it was conceived and designed presented the adidas brand as the most prestigious, exciting performance, athletic brand in the world.”
-Peter Moore, Executive Director and Board of Trustee consultant, Adidas AG
“The work done with Cultéva has proven valuable for our internal team and gathered everyone behind one main understanding. The brand book that was created gave us great insight about ourselves and played an instrumental role in the successful expansion plan in Latin America.”
-Benny Naimark, GM, Jamar Panamá
“The logo design developed by Cultéva has enabled us to reinvent our image and modernize our brand and product’s appearance. C-Pen has gained new valuable excitement in the market place after updating our identity with the new bold logo. ”
-Peter Johansson, CEO, C-Pen
“Cultéva shaped our brand with a commercial appeal that was in sync with our vision and product. […]the new brand and business- driven design allowed us to fully shift our focus over to building and selling the project. ”
-Thomas Lensby, Founder & President, Tegna AS / Kvitfjell Alpingrend AS
“Hein and Cultéva inspired us to bring down all barriers for team collaboration. The traditional ASSA is transforming to full open space.”
-Eduardo Fabrega, President, ASSA
“Cultéva did excellent work, and applieded it through a good thinking process to reach a more clear business understanding. They also designed the iconic Harpy Eagle logo and the visual identity framework that gave our football league a new and exciting appearance. We learned a lot about what we wanted for our new logo working through this design process with Culteva. The new identity has ignited new excitement for our league.”
-Nibia Patiño, Director of Marketing, Liga PdF
“Working with Hein and Mariana at Culteva was a very rewarding experience. Their professionalism, experience and dedication were crucial to the success to increase the recognition of our brand. Always very concerned that all the details were taken into consideration. Their input and advise was vital for implementing standardization to the interior of our banks and changing the signage design on the outside and inside of all our branch locations. It would be a privilege to work with Culteva again. ”
-Jessica Schaw, VP Marketing, Global Bank
“Cultéva/Hein played a key role in brand and marketing strategy development and implementation with our primary brand FILA. […] His understanding of consumer brands and the dynamics that drive the marketplace is exceptional. […] He was a significant contributor to our business.”
-Steve Wynne, President/CEO, Fila
“We needed someone who understood all the aspects of brand creation, and the impacts and implications on a global scale, and could cut to the heart of the matter and deliver in a short time frame. Hein and his team delivered a naming architecture for us that was spot on, fit our brand platform and was relevant to our global target. Culteva’s work was instrumental in creating Kuro, the naming device that set the stage for the successful worldwide introduction of Pioneer’s plasma product range.”
-Annette Clovis, Senior Strategist TBWA/The Disruption Consultancy
“Culteva has empowered us with precise strategic and creative brand solutions to effectively impact new business.”
-Jorge Medina, President, CTG Athletics/Verdero
“Culteva offer the sensibility for new business solutions, and ability to shape complexities into strong, understandable, commercially appealing messages and scalable business concepts.”
-Stein Revelsby, President, Norden Technologies
“Culteva and Hein helped bring part of my Californian-heritage to life with naming Mosley Tribes and creating its iconic mark. We made Mosley Tribes truly a Southern Californian, modern active lifestyle brand of sunglasses. –Hein also added personality to Oliver Peoples by designing our award- winning store at South-Coast Plaza, in Orange County. It was a tedious but rewarding process.”
-Larry Leight, Founder Oliver Peoples/Mosley Tribes
“I probably learned more about marketing a new brand in the 4-8 weeks I worked with Hein than in my previous 18 years in the retail- wholesale business.”
-William Barton, President, Oliver Peoples
“Cultéva/Hein is one of the rare design companies who approaches brand identities and logo design the way it should be: understands what it needs to communicate including all the brand attributes, needs to be timeless yet contemporary, and in our case, look like a solid “blue chip” company.”
-Fred Siegel, CMO, InGrid, Inc
“Culteva offers end-to-end services, delivering concepts, designs, brand statement solutions, and a direct roadmap to success. Culteva’s wealth of experience and versatility was extremely important to create infrastructure and bring our concept to reality.”
-Mark Kilgore, VP, Fila
“Thanks for all the great work your team did in such short order. All the work created certainly helped us deliver an effective message about our project.”
-Marketing Director, Microsoft
“Hein and I worked on some large and incredible shoots over the years, especially our shoots for Adidas. These worldwide advertising campaigns were all giant productions. –And, Hein not only had great concepts and visions for these shoots, but he made them collaborations.”
-Walter Iooss, Photographer
“Stockland Martel represents some of the world’s leading commercial advertising photographers, several of whom have worked with Hein Haugland. Nadav Kander is the most awarded commercial photographer in the world and was allowed the creative freedom to work on a project and he was able to thrive under Hein’s guidance. Walter Iooss is unquestionably America’s star sport photographer and he has a low tolerance for art directors who do not understand the subject they are shooting. He considers Hein a master of both sport and art direction. Walter himself has learned invaluable lessons about the needs of advertisers in his collaborations with Hein.”
-Bill Stockland, Founder, StocklandMartel

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