7 game-changing services

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Brand and branding solutions tailored for each client’s needs. A dependable, user-friendly format created with one intent, to channel everything your make, say and do to maximize your ability to rise above the noise. Consistent appearance and creative flexibility for brand and business long term.

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Get the full potential from your brands and businesses. We offer 7 services with a proven track record that applies to all industries.

Service 1

Brand Purpose
Mission & Vision


  • Workshop
  • Brand principles book
  • Digital or printed format
Service 2

Strategy &


  • Workshop
  • Competitive position map
  • Tagline (company wide)
  • Roadmap development
Service 3

Naming &


  • Selection criteria
  • Concept verticals
  • Long list presentation
  • Top-10 short list
  • 3 recommendations
Service 4

Marketing &


  • Campaign platform
  • Marketing calendar
  • Brochures Sales/Investor presentations
  • Corporate capabilities
  • Messaging hierarchy
  • Positioning propositions
Service 5

Branding &


  • Logo design + Branding manual
  • Visual identity manual
  • Corporate identity system
  • Campaign branding book
  • Signs and wayfinding systems
  • Design standards manual
  • Retail franchise manual
Service 6

Packaging &
Product Design


  • Packaging design
  • Product design
Service 7

Online Appearance
& Retail Design


  • Websites UI – marketing
  • Webshops UI – sales
  • Social media – everything
  • Social media site profile
  • Digital advertising
  • Flagship stores
  • Concept stores
  • Pop-up stores
  • Shop-in-shop design
    …and more
Service 1

Brand Purpose &

Ideology and principles

“For clients in distress looking to re-focus brand and business; the mission-vision book is an invaluable management tool.”

Tools to simplify daily decision making.

Workshop with company executives, founders and or owners to collect ideology and principles fundamental to cultivate corporate culture and nurturing leading brand attitudes from the inside out in order to increase magnetic appeal. The final deliverable is a printed and or digital brand DNA document for internal use only.

Service 2

Strategy &

Passion and focus

“For clients preparing to launch who requires measurable results; strategy and positioning is a critical executional tool.”

Tactics to strengthen market position.

Printed and digital document defining strategic building blocks enabling management to reposition the brand with a competitive difference and relaunch the brand under a new companywide tagline.

Service 3

Naming &

Names and naming conventions

“For clients launching their most important product or service; creating the right name or terminology drives success.”

Solutions to maximize relevance to customers for new products and services.

One or a collection of meaningful and recognizable names, terminologies, systems, or naming conventions that bear the resemblance of and or compliments the brand.

Service 4

Marketing &

Statements and
lingering impressions

“For clients building image, business, and seeking momentum; disruptive marketing and messaging produce measurable results.”

Concepts and tactics to attract attention, create new connections and induce demand.

A campaign with a series of orchestrated initiatives to create newsworthy coverage and reverberate the brand’s voice to make meaningful claims that has magnetic appeal, shapes a brand personality and induce sustainable demand.

Service 5

Branding &

Uniform systems
and personality

“For clients yearning to stand out among competitors; shaping a strong identity establishes a consistent pattern of recognition.”

Standards and guidelines to retain consistency and increase visibility on everything branded with a logo.

Informative guidelines to uphold the highest level of consistent use of all visual identity elements and brand personality to build recognition, awareness and inspire creativity.

Service 6

Packaging &
Product design

Awe-inspiring and beneficial

“For clients with integrity seeking to increase demand; brand differentiation leads to packaging and product design no one can imitate.”

Aesthetic design and functional features to make the brand more exciting.

Packaging and or product design that embodies the brand’s integrity – with it’s shape or appearance recognized from a distance, invigorating design details discovered up close, and unique features coming to life when in use – represent induce sustainable demand.

Service 7

Online appearance
& retail store design

Total brand immersion

For clients believing that brand experiences effect conversion rates; the new generation retail stores and online appearances offer total brand immersion.

Environments to inspire genuine customer experiences, increase appeal, drive progressive sales and expand new business.

Retail store design and or online appearances for physical and or digital spaces such as flagship stores, A- B- or C-doors, sales centers, showrooms, shop-in-shops, tradeshows, kiosks or events for brands that focus on immersive brand experiences to leave a memorable impression and build a loyal following.

Not just branding,
but business-driven design.

We identify, shape
and activate your essentials.

image & Appeal


the ideas behind a brand
that help guide the future


the collection of elements
to make brands recognizable


what people say
about you

Align brand and vision.

Build magnetic appeal. Ignite your business.

Get the full potential from brands and businesses.
We offer 7 services with a proven track record that applies to all industries.

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Seven game-changing services. Only one goal. To make your brand and business rise above the noise.

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