Maritanos was started with the intent of being a local, freshly brewed, specialty coffee café. Maritanos has remained an all-Panamenian coffee place, brewing only shade grown, handpicked, washed Arabic beans brought down from the highlands of Boquete, served at a few strategic locations around the city.


Maritanos is a growing business in a slow economy and has recognized the need for renewing their overall brand appearances to widthstand the pressure from a growing number of coffee shops. Maritanos was open to consider any type of changes in order to perfect their space design, packaging, table settings, product display, merchadize, menus, staff uniforms and service offerings to meet challenges from an ever more demanding industry and diverse customer profiles.


Maritanos is designed as a cafe with a modern classic style. Large wall spaces are dedicated to custom made cabinetry, framed Boquete-centric artwork, coffee-related quotes in neon-blown letters, and space for displaying new art amongst cool artifacts. One oversized frame hangs from the ceiling over the lounge area. A row of loveseat sofas with table and chairs fills the long wall. In the middle of the café sits a community table. Maritanos has a comfortable atmosphere. It’s inviting. The sound level is just right. It smells freshly brewed coffee with many underlaying aromas. It’s vibrant. Hints of tropical nature is found in strategic places. The combination of tasteful leather chairs and wooden tabletops, the walkable isles to the overall color palette, and lit displays, the space is simply timeless. Maritanos is just perfect for sitting down to enjoy your own special cup of coffee for breakfast, lunch, afternoon or evening with your colleagues, friends or family.

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